Press release from the ever-fey leader of the Family Research Council:

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reacts to comments President Barack Obama made at a press conference today calling for revoking the current policy on homosexuals serving openly in the military, commonly referred to as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“Last night millions of Americans went to the polls to express their strong disagreement with the change President Obama has brought to Washington . Out of control spending, government takeovers of health care and other private enterprise and an allegiance to a pro-abortion/anti-family coalition are all issues the American people said ‘Enough!’ to last night.

“When it comes to the homosexual agenda, the American people could not be clearer. The flipping of at least six state legislatures, the defeat of three justices in Iowa who imposed same-sex ‘marriage’ and the defeat of the House Member leading the charge to overturn the current military policy are all examples of how the American people have grown tired of the Democratic Party’s adherence to an anti-family coalition.

“I agree with the President that Congress should wait for the coming report from the military on changing the current policy. However, that does not mean Congress should rubber stamp any study. The study itself is likely to have problems, and the next natural step would be to have the new 112th Congress hold hearings on the issue.

“The arrogance of the President and his allies in Congress, many of whom will not return in the new Congress, to force such a drastic change on our military in the middle of fighting two wars is disrespectful of our troops, and should not be tolerated.”

Actually, Tone-bone, the American people, and the troops, aren’t bothered by DADT repeal, at all. To pretend that Patrick Murphy lost his job over DADT repeal is foolish. The Iowa situation is sad, but wouldn’t have happened if a busload of bigots with a bunch of donations from yokels’ maxed out credit cards hadn’t descended on the state with a fear campaign against those judges. It’s to be noted that the judges themselves actually respected their role as the judiciary and didn’t engage in campaigning to keep their jobs. Nope, Tony, the only reason that happened is because, instead of doing something Christ-ian like feeding the hungry or caring for the sick, y’all decided to waste a bunch of money punishing people smarter than you for interpreting the Constitution correctly. I wonder how many kids that money could have fed.

I know wingnuts are comforted right now, because they had their kind of election — the low turn-out, old white people kind.  But there will come a day when even the low turn-out, old white people kind of election goes squarely in the direction of fairness and equality.  People are only able to remain rubes on this issue for so long, before they either die out or become enlightened.  Tuesday was a bump in the road, to be sure.  But the road continues on.