This piece is floating around Facebook today, so if you haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to read it and share it.  A mom tells the story of her five year-old son, who decided, due to his love for Scooby Doo, that he wanted nothing more than to dress up as Daphne for Hallowe’en.  His mom said “What the heck?”, and found that the real bullies were not the other kids in her son’s class [at a Christian school], but rather their mothers, who expressed their disapproval to her, in front of the child.  That’s where the kids learn it, folks:  from the sanctimonious twits who, due to their fertility, are able to create little bullies at will, without society raising nary an eyebrow.

It’s a heartwarming tale, though, and I have a feeling that the mom who wrote this piece and her kid will be just fine, regardless of whether her son ends up gay, straight or whatever else.  Read it all.