Here’s a graphic NOM is using right now:



Here’s the thing. It’s a stock photo, as Jeremy points out. NOM usually makes liberal use of stock photos, perhaps because they have a hard time finding real families who want their faces memorialized for purposes of simple bigotry. But we live in a nation where over half the country supports marriage equality and another twenty percent are moving in the direction of supporting equality, rapidly. So, there’s a better chance that those kids’ parents support marriage equality than not. Moreover, young people support marriage equality by super-majorities, so when those little kids grow up, it’s almost a definite that they will support full equality for LGBT people. One of them might even grow up to be a member of the LGBT community!

While I know that the people who appear in stock photos are signing off on the possibility that their likenesses will be used to promote all sorts of things, I’d hate to see my or my child’s face used unwittingly by an organization that exists solely for the purpose of tearing families apart.

Not that NOM cares. They’re in it for the CA$H, just like all the rest of the institutionalized Religious Right.

[h/t Joe]