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Kids React To Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

An interesting look at the younger generation's opinion on these issues

November 04, 2013 News

NOM Uses Stock Photo Of Innocent Children To Promote Their Hate Campaign

NOM is trying to do memes again, with innocent kids

September 23, 2013 News

Fourth Grader Explains Why Gays Should Be Able To Get Married

"It doesn't matter if it creeps you out, just get over it."

April 25, 2013 Opinion

You Can Hurt Your Kids As Long As You’re Reinforcing Gender Norms, Says Anti-Gay NC Pastor

According to Jeremy, this is one of the lead proponents of Amendment One in North Carolina. Here is the transcript: “So your little son starts

May 01, 2012 Blog

Here’s Your Focus on the Family Super Bowl Commercial

Not funny at all. I don’t think Focus even gets the point of Super Bowl ads. So there you have it. A bunch of kids

January 16, 2012 Blog

The Warm Fuzzy Story That’s Going Viral Right Now

If you haven’t seen this story, of an older, athletic brother who sticks up for his younger brother who likes “girl” colors and toys, to

January 09, 2012 Blog

This Is A Child Linda Harvey and the Rest of the Religious Right Won’t Protect

This kid? Or their dogma? You tell me what’s more valuable. [h/t Sarah Silverman

December 04, 2011 Blog

Dear Christian Right: This Is What Real Parents Look Like

This entire blog post, written by a mom whose six year old son has a serious crush on Blaine from Glee, is amazing. My oldest

August 18, 2011 Blog

Texas School District Hates Gay Kids So Much They’re Banning Christian Groups Too [Huh?]

This is what’s called pathological, irrational hatred, y’all: Flour Bluff Independent School District will not allow a proposed club supporting gay and lesbian students, but

February 28, 2011 Blog

Graeme Taylor on Ellen

In case you forgot already, Graeme Taylor is the extra cool kid who spoke up in defense of a teacher in a school board meeting,

November 22, 2010 Blog
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