26060_TopNews_kamalamainThis one was a squeaker for the very pro-gay Kamala Harris, who has vowed not to defend Proposition 8, but Harris’s campaign has declared victory:

Kamala Harris’s campaign has declared victory after a narrow race between her and Republican Steve Cooley to become California’s next attorney general. According to a press release from campaign spokesperson Ace Smith, “uncounted ballots will only bolster Kamala Harris’s lead… the provisional ballots cast on Tuesday will reflect Harris’s victory.”

Harris has vowed to let Proposition 8 die in a federal appeals court. Cooley had said he would support California’s initiative banning same-sex marriage. Oral arguments in the case begin December 6 — the current governor and attorney general of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and incoming governor Jerry Brown, are refusing to defend the antigay ballot initiative. It can only bolster the case of attorney Ted Olson, leading the case against Prop. 8, that the state’s incoming executives also do not support the proposition.

So there are silver linings to be found in Tuesday’s atrocious election.