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Mackelmore Song ‘For Homos’ And ‘Jesus Hates Gays,’ According To Wingnut Radio Listener

We're sorry, sir, but this is America and you're going to have to learn to live with it

September 12, 2013 News

San Antonio Councilwoman And Her Staff Attempt To Understand Gayness

A fifteen minute journey into what wingnuts are like when they're talking to each other

August 16, 2013 News

Wingnut Children’s Book Teaches Kids How To Pray For The Destruction Of Gay Families

Dear God, please break up Jimmy's family, because his dads are

May 22, 2013 News

“Was Barack Obama Gay Married To Muslim Dude During College?,” Asks Completely Sane Person

It’s Jerome Corsi, everyone! (Look at this joke.) He’d really like to know if Barack Obama secretly gay married this Pakistani guy when he was

August 07, 2012 Blog

Three Wingnuts Who Care More About Their Ideology Than About Aurora Shooting Victims

I’ve about reached my limit with the amorality of right wing bigots and malcontents who will exploit absolutely anyone’s pain and suffering in furtherance of

July 24, 2012 Blog

Why Don’t Gay Organizations Go After Dan Savage For Being Mean To Gay Conservatives?

The headline above isn’t a real question. It’s time for another episode of Simple Answers To Stupid Questions. The GayPatriot blog spent two blog posts

July 24, 2012 Blog

Tennessee Republicans Do NOT Like “Openly Homosexuals”

Tennessee — hardly a bastion of fairness and equality as it is — never seems to get tired of beating up on LGBT people. Yesterday, ThinkProgress

July 19, 2012 Blog

Friday the 13th: Teh Gays Are Coming!

In honor of the superstition-laden Friday the 13th, Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You posted two appropriately superstition-laden videos of a wingnut Louisiana pastor who went on

July 13, 2012 Blog

Iowa’s Anti-Gay Wingnuts Dejected, Morose

They’re coming to terms with the cold, hard reality that the longer marriage equality is legal, the more that people realize it hasn’t changed their

July 06, 2012 Blog

I Found The Religious Right’s Version Of The Bible On Facebook

This explains everything. Wingnuts are simply reading a different text from the rest of the population: I can totally see Tony Perkins, Linda Harvey and

June 14, 2012 Blog
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