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New Stand-Alone Bill to Repeal DADT in House

Let’s see if the eleventy billionth time is the charm: House Democratic leaders have decided to make one last push to repeal the military’s ban

December 15, 2010 Blog

Tony Perkins, Unsurprisingly, Interprets Tuesday’s Elections Incorrectly

Press release from the ever-fey leader of the Family Research Council: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reacts to comments President Barack Obama made at

November 04, 2010 Blog

Rachel Maddow and Rep. Patrick Murphy on DADT Repeal

The compromise isn’t great, but it’s a step in the right direction, and I feel more comfortable with it with Patrick Murphy leading the way.

May 27, 2010 Blog

When You’ve Lost Fox News, You’ve Lost the War (UPDATED)

Peter LaBarbera decided to get on the computer tonight to reprint a malformed little tirade from one Daniel Zanoza, “executive director” of some group called

February 02, 2010 Blog
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