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Truth Wins Out Praises Congresswoman Jackie Speier For Reintroducing Resolution Protecting Minors From ‘Reparative’ Therapy

Rep. Speier's resolution would encourage states to work to ban destructive "reparative" therapy for minors

December 04, 2013 Press Release

It Gets Better: The NYC Congressional Delegation

They just keep comin’. The congresscritters featured in this video are Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Ed Towns, Eliot Engel, Carolyn Maloney, Joe Crowley and Jose Serrano.

February 27, 2012 Blog

Hate Group Actually Thinks Anthony Weiner’s Seat Was Lost Because Weprin Supports Marriage Equality

In the middle of a breathless, stupid missive from the Family Research Council hate group [short version:  give us money!], they use the defeat of

September 16, 2011 Blog

Two Petitions You May Want To Sign

Alvin McEwen has a great, very important petition at that you should all check out.  In it, he is petitioning the United States Congress

August 15, 2011 Blog

Majority in House are Now Anti-Gay

Thanks, teabaggers: As the new Congress is sworn in this week, there is no denying that pro-LGBT numbers have shrunk on Capitol Hill. A Human

January 07, 2011 Blog

John Boehner’s New Gavel is ‘Bigger Than Most’

I guess this is the congressional equivalent of putting yer truck up on big, big tahrs? [h/t Dan Savage] The Inadequate Tear-Stained Boehner and His

January 05, 2011 Blog

Leave No Fingerprints

Politician: “I shall support this brave legislation when it comes to a vote.” Translation: “I hope to God this legislation is buried in committee.&#

December 16, 2010 Blog

GOProud to Incoming Anti-Gay Republicans: Please Don’t Hurt Us

As Joe Jervis said about this press release from GOProud, you just can’t make this stuff up: On behalf of limited government conservatives everywhere we

November 15, 2010 Blog

Pelosi’s Message for GOP: You Will Roll Back NOTHING

Nancy Pelosi is running for House Minority Leader, and she’s sent a letter to her colleagues that, as Greg Sargent points out, can basically be

November 05, 2010 Blog

Tony Perkins, Unsurprisingly, Interprets Tuesday’s Elections Incorrectly

Press release from the ever-fey leader of the Family Research Council: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reacts to comments President Barack Obama made at

November 04, 2010 Blog
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