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One Year Ago Today…

Today's anniversary of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. But don't think, even for a minute, that there

September 20, 2012 Blog

One Year Later, Study Shows DADT Repeal Had No Negative Impact

File this one under “Duh” — In the fierce debate that led up to President Barack Obama’s repeal last September of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,

September 10, 2012 Blog

Two Or Three Really Important Chaplains Leave Military Over DADT Repeal

I’m sure they were two or three of the most mature, qualified ones too: Col. Timothy Wagoner has been an Air Force chaplain for 20

July 05, 2012 Blog

Elaine Donnelly Now Making Up Non-Existent “Zero Tolerance for Bigots” Military Policies

Hey, everybody, did you all hear that the military is now going to kick people out for being anti-gay? Elaine Donnelly did! And she gets

June 20, 2012 Blog

Tony Perkins: DADT Repeal Linked To Heterosexual Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

Chris Matthews, are you listening? Because there is no association too strange for a Religious Right hate group leader to make when smearing LGBT people,

April 17, 2012 Blog

Vermont’s Norwich University Becomes First Military College to Celebrate Pride

TWO’s home state of Vermont continues to make LGBT history. Vermont created the civil union, was the first state to legislatively grant same-sex couples the

March 22, 2012 Blog

Elaine Donnelly Confused

Elaine Donnelly, whose “job” I assumed would have disappeared by now — all she ever really did was fight against gays serving in the military,

January 23, 2012 Blog

History Made As Traditional Navy Homecoming Kiss Shared By Lesbian Couple

Though my family is full of Navy people, I was not aware of this tradition. It’s pretty awesome: It’s been three months since the dock

December 21, 2011 Blog

Sky Did Not Fall When DADT Was Repealed, Military Reports

Yet again, the Religious Right has wasted American time, money and oxygen lying and complaining about our society becoming more open and accepting, in this

November 28, 2011 Blog

Follow-Up From Gay Soldier Who Got Booed

Army Captain Stephen Hill, you may recall, is the soldier who posed a question (via YouTube and Megyn Kelly) to GOP presidential hopefuls about whether

November 21, 2011 Blog
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