This is truly loathsome.

Tintin at Sadly, No! points us to a column written by gay quisling Alex Knepper, he who defends date rape, which outright states that Tyler Clementi’s suicide is neither tragic, nor sad, nor anything else.  Yep, he’s blaming Clementi, in a column for Tucker Carlson’s Daily Choler:

First of all: forgive me if my sympathy runs thin for someone who commits suicide over a sex tape. This incident is humiliating and shameful, to be sure — but in the grand, cosmic scheme of things, it doesn’t even begin to rank as tragic. We have got to be realistic when assessing this event and maintain publicly that humiliation is a preposterous rationale for suicide.


[T]housands of people are humiliated on this scale in the United States on a yearly — perhaps monthly — basis. Most of them deal with the shame in ways other than throwing themselves off of a bridge. Are we to assume that this guy, who we keep getting told was brilliant and talented, didn’t have the cognitive skills to think this through?

Yeah, so instead of considering the possibility that there might have been other mitigating factors here, that maybe Tyler wasn’t ready to come out, that maybe he hadn’t worked through his acceptance of his sexuality, maybe we should just make fun of him, right Alex?

It’s unfortunate that I find myself compelled to discuss this event in such terms, but there’d be no need to discuss it at all if ideologues weren’t trying to appropriate it for their own purposes. As is typical when these sorts of events transpire, the Gay Party — in this case, its representatives are Garden State Equality — is jumping all over this bizarre saga to hijack it for its own wants. To recapitulate: the organization’s spokesman deemed the incident a “hate crime” and said that he was “sickened” that anyone would “consider destroying others’ lives as a sport.”

Yeah, Garden State Equality are the real villains here.  Hey Alex, did you hear about the other kids who committed suicide in the past two weeks?  Have you used your little quisling fingers to make fun of them yet?  I suppose we’re just jumping all over those too, appropriating them for our own purposes.

Knepper goes on to suggest that, hey,  maybe those kids who filmed him didn’t hate gay people at all!  Maybe they were just funnin’!  Then he calls the people at Garden State Equality “ideologues.”

Tintin responds in the only appropriate way:

The real crime here is the one being committed by Knepper as he collaborates with, and gives support to, the forces that want us to pretend that bullying doesn’t exist, or that it is only directed at gay youths, who don’t count because they’re gay or, worse, who don’t count because they allow humiliation to drive them to suicide.

Pardon me for thinking that the world would be a better place if it was Alex Knepper who jumped off the GW Bridge and not a talented, sweet-tempered young violinist.

I’ll pardon you, Tintin.

UPDATE: Knepper is trolling the comments section at Sadly, No!  If you want to watch/participate…