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Why Don’t Gay Organizations Go After Dan Savage For Being Mean To Gay Conservatives?

The headline above isn’t a real question. It’s time for another episode of Simple Answers To Stupid Questions. The GayPatriot blog spent two blog posts

July 24, 2012 Blog

Mother Pitt’s Homophobic Letter Wins Her A New Fan

I haven’t said anything about the fact that Brad Pitt’s mom wrote a letter to the editor in Missouri, wherein, among other wingnut conspiracy theories

July 12, 2012 Blog

Gay Conservative Blog Calls Barney Frank’s Nuptials “The Case Against Gay Marriage”

So, this is mature: Excuse me, it’s the “cast” against gay marriage. Maybe he’s talking about something else entirely. For the record, when Mary Cheney

July 07, 2012 Blog

Gay Conservatives OUTRAGED By Obama’s Support For Equality

I imagine the spin rooms/closets over at the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud went a little nuts over the last few hours, in the wake

May 09, 2012 Blog

Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Gay Views Not Hatred, According to Gay Conservative

They always say we’re calling them names and refusing to engage their arguments, but when a gay conservative states that Kirk Cameron’s horrific anti-gay views

March 21, 2012 Blog

Gay Conservative Not Worried About Cain’s Multiple [Alleged] Affairs

I support this idea from GOProud’s Chris Barron wholeheartedly, as it would continue and amplify the sideshow of failure that is the GOP primary process,

November 29, 2011 Blog

Gay Conservatives Still Think Gun Rights Laws Are Gay Rights Laws

For some reason, gay wingnuts think that any time a law is passed which allows people more freedom to play with guns, it’s a victory

October 27, 2011 Blog

Gay Conservative Patting Self On Back for Supporting Black Presidential Candidate

Chris Barron of GOProud: Meant to post this earlier… For those of you who haven’t read it, please read the excellent piece by my friend

October 03, 2011 Blog

A Fundamental Misunderstanding of “Freedom” and “Liberty”

Dan, at GayPatriot: Today, the debate on gay marriage is not about granting individuals the freedom to marry an individual of their same sex, but

August 13, 2011 Blog

My Thoughts On Ann Coulter and GOProud

Earlier today John mentioned that GOProud announced their appointment of Ann Coulter to their advisory board. There are obviously so many jokes that can and

August 09, 2011 Blog
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