Christine_O'DonnellDelaware Tea Party GOP nominee for Senate and former anti-gay activist, Christine O’Donnell, is running a lazy, ego-driven campaign that eschews living, breathing voters.

Instead of interacting with real people, the stage horse has devoted all of her time to appearing on national cable television shows. Clearly, O’Donnell does not think she can win and is positioning herself as a cable or radio talk show host.

Given that reports say that she is broke and having the campaign pay her rent — it may be a wise move for “Crazy Christine” to secure a lucrative media contract. Here is what the New York Times had to say about her uninspiring, nearly-invisible effort on the campaign trail:

If Ms. O’Donnell is actually running anything like a traditional campaign for the Senate, there isn’t much evidence of it right now. The campaign’s Web site lists no public events at which voters or reporters can meet her or hear her speak. (And in any event, Ms. O’Donnell has declared herself off limits for interviews with national reporters.) Last week, a spokeswoman for Shirley & Bannister, a Virginia-based consulting firm that the O’Donnell campaign recently hired, said she would find out about any scheduled appearances by the candidate, but then she stopped returning e-mails.

At the state Republican headquarters in Wilmington, staff members said Monday that they had no information about whether Ms. O’Donnell was out campaigning. A pile of O’Donnell yard signs, leaning against a wall near the door, was the only obvious signal that the party even had a Senate candidate. (The headquarters continues, though, to get calls from out-of-state voters who are furious at the local party for not supporting Ms. O’Donnell.)

Is Crazy Christine running for office or running away from voters? I think the answer is quite clear. If I had as little knowledge has her on the issues, I’d be hiding too.