coachdaveIn the full version of this clip, Dave Daubenmire complains that people (Right Wing Watch) edit his clips to make him look like an idiot. Click and watch the whole thing and decide for yourself whether the full, unedited Dave looks like more of an idiot or less of an idiot.

In the shortened version, Dave Daubenmire makes himself look like an idiot by claiming that efforts to stop anti-gay bullying are actually “anti-Christian” bullying, because it takes away the rights of bigots like Dave to mock and verbally abuse LGBT kids.

Also, Dave says that he doesn’t like bullying, but bullying is just a part of life. At this point he gets really upset (he’s prone to temper tantrums) because he says his father’s generation would be appalled that people are trying to prevent people from inflicting psychological harm on children.

What a world.

[h/t Joe]