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Garden State Equality

Truth Wins Out Applauds New Jersey Assembly For Passing Ban On Harmful ‘Conversion Therapy’ For Minors

Congratulates Garden State Equality For Their Tireless Work To Protect New Jersey's Children From Predatory "Ex-Gay" Practitioners

June 25, 2013 Press Release

Kirk Cameron Too Busy To Meet With Bullied Gay Kids

A group of LGBT youth who have been on the receiving end of anti-gay bullying had requested a lunch meeting with the “actor,” to discuss

July 27, 2012 Blog

Anti-Bully Law Strengthened In New Jersey

The Senate votes 30 to 0 and the Assembly 72 to 1 to approve the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights,” which experts say eliminates the vagueness

November 22, 2010 Blog

And now, a GAY Wingnut Blaming the Victim in Tyler Clementi’s Suicide [UPDATED]

This is truly loathsome. Tintin at Sadly, No! points us to a column written by gay quisling Alex Knepper, he who defends date rape, which

September 30, 2010 Blog

Civil Unions Are Flawed

Stephen Goldstein at Garden State Equality makes the case that marriage equality is needed because civil union are insufficient. I happen to agree. What do

July 20, 2010 Blog

Marriage: The Writing Is On The Barn Wall

By Wayne Besen Only ten years ago, it looked like gay people would not be able to marry until the cows came home. With an

April 07, 2009 Blog, Press Release
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