Peter throws so many temper tantrums per week these days, it’s hard to keep up.  Yesterday, instead of reacting to the Mehlman Fever like everybody else, Peter decided to have a hissy fit at Michael Steele:

The Republican Party has a big and growing  ”gay” problem.

One might call it “tumescent.”

The latest GOP hypocrisy: Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele’s congratulatory words for former RNC chief Ken Mehlman, who has confirmed longstanding rumors that he (Mehlman) is a practicing homosexual.

Michael Steele should have staked Ken Mehlman to death, like Buffy!  Instead he is falling in love with the vampire with the soul!

Here’s what Michael Steele said about Ken, for the record:

‘I am happy for Ken,’ Steele said. ‘His announcement, often a very difficult decision which is only compounded when done on the public stage, reaffirms for me why we are friends and why I respect him personally and professionally.’”

That’s the way a friend would react. The problem, of course, for Peter, is that he doesn’t understand friendship or love, having fallen for the redefinition of those words favored by his religious cult.

Why couldn’t Mr. Steele just have kept quiet about this tragic revelation by which another sexually confused man seeks to rationalize his misbehavior (sin) by declaring homosexuality part of his inherent being?

Notice the inherent defeat in Peter’s question.  He knows it’s way beyond the pale to even wish that maybe Michael Steele might agree with him on things.  He can only hope for silence.

Michael Steele, of course, is showing support because they are friends, and also, because one of these days, Steele is going to reveal to the world that he is black, and he wants Ken’s support.

Nope, instead, like a three-year-old boy approaching a puddle, Steele just had to step in it.

OMG, and he made such a mess, what with the being nice to his friend!   If Michael Steele was a good Christian, he would’ve made sure to avoid his friend entirely, for fear of getting wet!

Next up in the piece, Peter gets out his phone and calls Laurie Higgins for a quote, so it appears that this episode of The Naperville Grunting carries more weight by being endorsed by two organizations.  Here’s what Laurie wants to know:

So, Steele is “happy” that Mehlman is homosexual and/or happy that he is public about it? Why would he be happy for a friend embracing immoral and dangerous practices or for a friend being public about his embrace of immorality? And why does he respect him for his “difficult” decision to announce his immorality publicly? What fecklessness or cowardice Steele’s comment demonstrates. And this from the leader of the Republican Party…

Oh, maybe Michael Steele is a grown-up and is thus not susceptible to the fever dreams based on dishonest “science” that support Laurie Higgins’ worldview.

It’s always amazing how delusional these people are.  They actually still think there are lots people inside the Beltway who think just like them on issues such as these.  Did the Bush administration teach them nothing?  With the exceptions of a couple of rabid wingnuts on C-Street, and whatever coffin Michele Bachmann lives in when Congress is in session, Republicans in Washington think of fundamentalists like Peter and Laurie as useful idiots!  It has been this way forever.  So no, Laurence, it’s not “cowardice” when Michael Steele speaks in support of his friend.  It’s him being supportive of his friend!  My god.

The rest of Peter’s piece is an asinine conspiracy theory about how Ken Mehlman was actually a plant, undermining “turd-ish-nul val-yews” from inside the GOP, or something.  No, Peter.  He was just a closet case, and closet cases, due to their internal shame (which is not caused by their sexuality), tend to be the most willing to bash gay people for their own personal gain.

Sounds like somebody we all know, doesn’t it?