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Republican Senators Introduce Bill To Create Special Right To Discriminate For Wingnut-Americans

The senators hope to codify the Religious Right's whining into law

December 13, 2013 News

Rachel Maddow Examines Growing Disconnect Between GOP And Public Opinion On Marriage Equality

The American public has made up its mind on marriage equality

November 14, 2013 News

Republicans Support Kids Wearing Confederate Flag Over Gay Pride Flag

The Old South is alive and well

November 13, 2013 News

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Announces Support For Marriage Equality

She becomes the third Republican Senator to support equality

June 19, 2013 News

Log Cabin Republicans Encourage GOP To Take A Stand Against Anti-Gay Extremism

New LCR ad encourages Republicans to re-embrace a "big tent" philosophy

April 25, 2013 Opinion

GOP, Democratic Opponent Aided R.I. Vote for Marriage Equality

R.I. Sen. Jamie Doyle: “If the first thing Our Lord asks me is ‘Why did I vote [for] same-sex marriage?’ then I’m doing pretty good.”

April 24, 2013 News

Rhode Island Senate Republican Caucus Unanimously Supports Marriage Equality

They become the first state caucus of either party to unanimously endorse equality

April 23, 2013 News

Social Conservatives Will Make Sure GOP Remains A Regional Minority Party

They're prepared to hold the party hostage, regardless of how many elections the GOP loses

April 12, 2013 News

Rick Santorum Is A Dead End For The Republican Party

Rick Santorum would happily bring down the entire GOP if he doesn't get his way on marriage equality.

April 09, 2013 Opinion
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