We knew Homocon was going to be an amazing shame party, and luckily Tintin at Sadly, No! has uncovered the itinerary so we all know what it is to look forward to at this gathering of the homosexual wingnuts:

9:30 Registration Only social parasites expect free Danish pastries, so bring your own food.
10:15 First Panel “How Gay Conservatives Are The Real Victims.”
10:45 Second Panel “Why Are Gay Liberals So Obsessed with the Victimization of Gays?”
11:00 Coffee Break Only social parasites expect free coffee. Find a Starbucks.
11:15 Third Panel “Why It’s Okay To Bargain Away The Rights of Other Gays for Your Own Tax Cut.”
11:45 Fourth Panel Dating Tips for GOP Homos — Wear Antiperspirant, Brush Your Teeth, Change Your Underwear and Don’t Shout ‘Trust, But Verify’ When Coming.”
12:00 noon Lunch Find an Olive Garden
2:00 Fifth Panel “If You Were In Favor of Gay Marriage, Which Gay Blogger Would You Gay Marry?”
3:00 Sixth Panel “Who Is The Hottest: Lindsey Graham, Our Sole Sponsor John Hawkins, or Mitch McConnell?”
6:00 Brown Bag Dinner and Keynote Address Ann Coulter: “Why Can’t Homos Throw a Baseball without Looking Like a Girl?”

Yes, it’s that awesome.