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Scott Lively’s Paranoid Conspiracy Theory Of Conservative Gays Explained In Words, So Many Words

Gay conservatives are merely a tool of the great gay conspiracy to make Scott Lively look stupid

December 24, 2013 Opinion

GOProud Leaders LaSalvia and Barron Stepping Down

They say they don't want GOProud to "get stale."

April 26, 2013 News

Barney Speaks to LGBT Caucus In Charlotte: ‘We Are On The Verge Of Winning’

UPDATE: Barney Frank made a controversial comment comparing Log Cabin gay Republicans to Uncle Toms. Frank is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention sometime

September 06, 2012 Blog

Log Cabin Ad For Marriage Equality In Tampa Newspaper During GOP Convention

This is an example of what gay Republican groups should be doing. Instead of shilling, like that awful front group GOProud, Log Cabin is engaged

August 28, 2012 Blog

GOProud Takes Field Trip to Chick-fil-A

Just when you thought they could not sink any lower: [h/t Joe.My.God

August 02, 2012 Blog

Why Don’t Gay Organizations Go After Dan Savage For Being Mean To Gay Conservatives?

The headline above isn’t a real question. It’s time for another episode of Simple Answers To Stupid Questions. The GayPatriot blog spent two blog posts

July 24, 2012 Blog

Dan Savage Compares GOProud Leaders to Self-Destructive Meth Addicts

Dan Savage got into a kerfuffle with the Ken dolls of GOProud last week after they endorsed the very anti-gay Mitt Romney for president. They

June 26, 2012 Blog

Cenk Uygur on the “Greedy Gay Republicans” of GOProud

Cenk pretty much nails it: [h/t Joe

June 22, 2012 Blog

GOProud Endorses Anti-Gay Romney, Dan Savage Reacts, Hurts Chris Barron’s Feelings

Predictably, the upper middle class white male lobbying group known as GOProud has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. They did their usual perfunctory, half-hearted song

June 20, 2012 Blog

Gay Conservatives OUTRAGED By Obama’s Support For Equality

I imagine the spin rooms/closets over at the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud went a little nuts over the last few hours, in the wake

May 09, 2012 Blog
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