Here is a funny recording of a wingnut calling a radio station in Indiana because, my goodness, he does not like that song “Same Love” by Macklemore, presumably because it is threatening to his small worldview. So, like so many like him, he does the Big Man thing and starts calling the radio station repeatedly to complain. Of course, the DJ thinks this is funny.

Synopsis: Guy is put on radio, but won’t give his name. Explains that he is a Christian, and because of his beliefs, he knows that gays have “no place in America.” Explains that God does not love all people. DJ tries to explain that the man’s son, who played the song for him, might be trying to teach his father not to be a bigot. DJ then requests that the wingnut never listen to the radio station again, presumably because a loss of a wingnut customer is not a net loss. DJ openly makes “herp a derp” noises making fun of the dude, who then explains that he needs to be “free of gays.” Finally the wingnut explains that his name is “Craig and that’s all you need to know,” at which point the DJ wishes him peace and love. Craig replies, “God’s watching you!”

Presumably afterward, Craig stayed mad for several hours, having no clue that he would be famous on the internet the next day.


[h/t Towleroadvia Artimis Radio on Facebook]