Peter’s got a post up where he cries about Wayne Besen some more, and accuses mean gays of having “homosexual hissy fits” over his hilarious post on gay TSA agents.  Of course, gay bloggers rarely have anything rising near to the level of a “hissy fit” over anything Peter says; we simply make fun of him.  The fact that he creates an alternate reality where gays actually take his arguments seriously is telling, as it exposes where his real frustrations lie.

Anywho, in his new post, he has this picture:


There it is, y’all. The greatest aging male wingnut fear of all. For the life of me, I never can understand why they assume that gay men are attracted to aging male wingnuts. They’re not pretty people. Indeed, if Barney Frank WAS a TSA agent and he had to frisk Peter LaBarbera at the airport, I would assume that his facial expression would probably be approximately what you see above, but a little more grossed out.  This quote from Peter is revelatory:

As we noted, that doesn’t mean every “gay” male TSA agent is going to get his jollies frisking a man (or a boy…?), but neither would every hetero male TSA agent get over-excited frisking a woman (or a girl).

Why would we assume that TSA agents are getting sexually aroused by doing their jobs?  Do we assume that physicians [many of whom are either men, women, straight or gay] get aroused when they see their patients naked?  No.

Unless we are conservative wingnuts, for whom every instance of body contact sends is a direct line to erection city, apparently.