This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read from a wingnut making baseless claims about people changing their sexual orientation. Responding to Valerie Jarrett’s poorly chosen words about gay people’s “lifestyle choices,” wingnut Bob Ellis writes:

Yes, what [Jarrett] meant to say was this: “I know that homosexuals are slaves to their lusts and are incapable of allowing their minds or their wills to supersede their desires. Everyone knows that, unlike the alcoholic who can stop drinking or the gambler who can stop gambling, homosexuals are ‘born that way’ and are incapable of free will when it comes to sexual behavior.”

This is what homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” claim to believe, even though countless homosexuals have for thousands of years been leaving the homosexual lifestyle behind.

WOW! I had no idea Richard Cohen was beating pillow with tennis rackets thousands of years ago! Moreover, I bet the Journey into Manhood camps in ancient Greece were even hotter than they are now, what with the little toga things all the guys wore. It’s probably a whole different experience having an “ex-gay” counselor press his boner into your back when he’s dressed in such thin linens!

By the way, in the original piece, Ellis links the word “countless” to a story about 1 [one] guy in the UK who claims he has changed his sexual orientation, but as usual, nobody really knows what gets him sexually aroused but him. For “thousands of years,” he links to a Bible verse which didn’t even include the word “homosexual” in its original text, and for which the word “homosexual” is not only a poor translation, not only a lazy translation, but also just flat wrong. For the word “leaving,” he links to some crap about NARTH, which is funny since one of the “main brains” behind the operation was recently caught coming back from Europe with a male escort, having had his luggage lifted thoroughly whilst on vacation. Etc.

You get the idea. The links are all echo chamber crap which only seems credible to the stupid or easily led.