Randy Thomas is former Vice President of the now defunct Exodus International (1976-2013), which was the world’s largest “ex-gay” ministry before it shut down because no one was changing their sexual orientation from gay-to-straight.

Randy was a well-known media spokesperson and the group’s chief lobbyist. During his tenure with Exodus he worked and strategized with major right wing leaders at The Arlington Group and the DC Group. This included Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence, who Randy claims in this video were both very supportive of “ex-gay” ministries.

“My experience with the Arlington Group leads me to believe that Mike Pence is very supportive of ‘ex-gay’ ministry and he supports the efforts to try to convert people from gay-to-straight.” (9:42)

“When I met Kellyanne Conway…she came across as very personable, very smart. I never had a lot of personal conversations with her, but she was very supportive of us at Exodus,” (9:56)

In this moving and emotional video, Randy details his journey from drug-abusing homeless LGBT youth who was gay bashed as the police mocked him, to the pinnacle of right wing “ex-gay” activism. At the apex of his career, Randy stood beside President George W. Bush, at a White House ceremony in 2006, to lobby in favor of the Federal Marriage Act, which would have banned marriage equality.

After much soul searching and guilt, Randy has left “ex-gay” ministry and apologized to the LGBT community. Today, Randy lives in Orlando, is out and proud, and plans to marry his partner Dan Scobey. The two founded a non-profit organization, Thrive LGBTQ+, to foster acceptance and counter the “ex-gay” industry.