It’s happening everywhere, all corners of the country, in all kinds of neighborhoods.  I’m glad The News is paying attention:

A Mid-South teen said he was teased and beaten by a gang because he is bisexual.

Sharon Poindexter said she is angry about the recent assault on a bisexual teenager in her neighborhood. She said it is time for the violence to stop.

“Hitting with fists,” said Poindexter. “Kicking him with their feet.”

The attack on the 16-year-old happened right in front of her apartment on Thomas Street. Poindexter said when she heard the commotion, she ran outside and say eight other teens attacking the victim.

“He wasn’t crying,” said Poindexter. “He was lying there with his head covered up.”

Poindexter said she told the teens to stop, but they refused.

Memphis people are sharing this all over Facebook today, because I’d venture to say that this city has had it about Up To Here with stuff like this.