What did I say?  What did I say when Elisabeth Hasselbeck came out in support of marriage equality?  I said:

Cue Peter LaBarbera posting a crying plea to Hasselbeck to become a bigot again in 5, 4, 3, 2…

I am prophet like Lou Engle!

Title of Peter’s post:

Et tu, Elizabeth? The View’s Hasselback [sic] Joins Pro-Gay-’Marriage’ Sellouts

Oh lord.

Subtitle of Peter’s Post:

Hasselback [sic] joins growing list of conservatives who lack courage to defend truth on homosexuality

Or maybe she actually thinks anti-gay hatred and bigotry is disturbed and asinine.

Let’s have a look at Peter’s piece (ew):

What is this, ‘Conservatives Without Principles Month’?

No, that’s every month.

Memo to Hasselback [sic]: the unborn baby is a human being with his or her own separate DNA, not some mere appendage. Regarding marriage: America’s moral slide and several decades of homosexualist organizing – and perhaps the likelihood that you sympathize with your ”gay” friends and acquaintances – do not erase the timeless truth of the Book of Genesis.

Is that the part about dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?  And really, if we’re going for credibility here, I question his decision to cite one of the books of the Bible that is so obviously A Myth that it smacks you in the face, with a talking snake.

What confounds me are the “conserv-a-libs” (Ryan Sorba calls them “liberal-tarians”) – who so readily ditch five millennia of biblically-informed truth for the latest sexual/social fad. George Will, Laura Schlessinger, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Parker, Mike Gallagher, Michael Barone (talk about poll-driven morality!), Bill O’Reilly, Elizabeth [sic] Hasselback [sic] – each of these conservatives has made some homosexuality-related cave-in, some more serious than others. And, of course, every defection has earned the plaudits of media liberals and LGBT activists alike.

Oh, that hedonist George Will, always caving in on his principles for a quick jaunty rumble at a circuit party…

Yes, the libertarians appear to be winning the day on this issue, which is especially galling because the homosexualist agenda is a statist and anti-liberty agenda if there ever was one. Just ask its growing list of faith-based victims who have paid a high price for disagreeing with homosexuality.

All FOUR of them, whose stories the Christian Right consistently embellishes or outright lies about in order to create the perception of victimization.

One must wonder: if on the American Right, the once-unmentionable Sin of Sodom is now deserving of association with the sublime title of “marriage,” just what are modern “conservatives” like Hasselback [sic] conserving, anyway?

Disproven economic theory and foreign policy. Racism. Xenophobia. Etc.

Okay, enough of that. Peter’s too predictable at this point.