Let’s see, what happened this week?

Neil Patrick Harris is going to be a daddy, and so is his partner.  Bruce went to the final NOM hate concert in Washington and took pictures.  The gays have to wait, again, to get married in California, and fewer of them than ever are circumcised!  This also goes for straights!  We decided to address the Dumbest Political Issue of all time, the planned Park51 community center and mosque, and I explained why we address those issues from time to time.  “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger has regained her right to yell the N-word all she wants, and she wants to, really, so much.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave unexpected support to marriage equality, and Peter LaBarbera cried about it, so that the prophecy may be fulfilled.  Oh, and the gayest wingnut slapfight ever is still going on.

The song I’ve had on repeat this week, and I mean incessantly, is “Moves” by The New Pornographers.  It has literally no tie-in to any of the above, so this isn’t one of those “this song is poignant because…” Random Tens.  I’ve been listening to it constantly because I’m just now catching up on their latest record, and “Moves” is the catchiest damn song I’ve heard in months, and I love it when a catchy song is simultaneously really, really artistically good.  I’ve started with The New Pornographers before, but this song couldn’t be more different from “Challengers.”  (If you haven’t heard that one, though, click the clicky, now.)

So, let’s fire up the old iTunes machine and see what happens.  More videos after the jump.

1. Damien Jurado – “Everything Trying”
2. Wye Oak – “I Hope You Die”
3. Rachael Yamagata – “1963”
4. Cut Copy – “Nobody Lost, Nobody Found”
5. The Killers – “Smile Like You Mean It”
6. Rufus Wainwright – “A Foggy Day” [Judy Garland…]
7. Sia & David Byrne – “Never So Big”
8. Love and Rockets – “Saudade”
9. An Horse – “Camp Out”
10. Peter Gabriel – “Philadelphia” [Neil Young cover]