I was reading the newspaper this morning and came upon a shocking story. It turns out that members of the International Criminal Court gathered in Kampala, Uganda, to consider whether to amend the Court’ statute to allow it to exercise jurisdiction over the crime of “aggression.”


What the hell are human rights advocates doing meeting in Uganda while the nation is still considering its deplorable, violent Anti-Homosexuality Bill? To discuss human rights in such a barbaric setting is nothing short of a sick, twisted joke. We are talking about a nation that is seriously contemplating genocide against LGBT people. How can human rights be legitimately discussed in a nation that boasts of how it physically and psychologically abuses a good portion of its own citizens?

Since they are already in Kampala, The International Criminal Court can make good use of its time by immediately arresting David Bahati and Martin Ssempa for “aggression” against LGBT people. Both men should face trial and jailed once convicted.

Let’s be honest. To hold a conference in such a brutal and backward nation is a slap in the face and undermines the basic concept of human rights for all people.