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Disturbing Questions Arise About Anti-Gay Funding Behind “Kony 2012” Video

I’m going to bet that most of you, if not all of you, have seen the new viral video sensation called “Kony 2012.”  The video

March 12, 2012 Blog

U.S. Must Cut Off Aid and Ties To Uganda If Draconian Anti-Gay Bill Passes

The sponsor of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, David Bahati, is practically begging the United States to cut off aid if his grotesque bill is passed. “If

February 29, 2012 Blog

The ‘Moral’ Nation of Uganda’s Child Sacrifice Problem

The “moral” nation of Uganda has time to persecute LGBT people by padlocking gay bars and promoting its barbaric Anti-Homosexuality Bill — yet it doesn’t

October 12, 2011 Blog

Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Shelved, For Now

This is good news, but the fight obviously isn’t over: Uganda’s parliament has adjourned without debating a controversial bill which includes the death penalty for

May 13, 2011 Blog

Bahati Might Remove Death Penalty from “Kill the Gays” Bill

Well, this is a minuscule step: The Ugandan parliamentarian behind an anti-gay bill that attracted worldwide condemnation said the most controversial part of the legislation

April 27, 2011 Blog

Christianity Today Piece Accuses Gays of Concocting ‘Conspiracy Theory’ on Uganda

There is a piece in Christianity Today written by a “Timothy Shah,” which basically accuses gay activists of making a mountain out of a molehill

March 15, 2011 Blog

The WikiLeaks Cables on the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Jim Burroway has done the hard work of reading and summarizing a variety of cables exposed by WikiLeaks and posted in The Guardian. One cable

February 17, 2011 Blog

Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays Bill Likely to Be Considered in Spring 2011

Reports by U.S. and Ugandan news organizations that Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill had been "shelved" are, once again, incorrect

January 11, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Stop The Anti-Gay Genocide In Uganda

(Weekly Column) The American fundamentalist group, The Family, has to make an important strategic choice. It can have its influential National Prayer Breakfast each February

December 14, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Rachel Maddow Spars With Ugandan ‘Kill the Gays’ Fascist David Bahati

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video David Bahati is an evil monster and should be treated accordingly if his

December 10, 2010 Blog
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