pornopetepokeyI was out of the office yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance yet to note that Porno Pete went to Canada, behaved poorly and in defiance of University of Regina officials, and subsequently was arrested:

U.S. anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera and a Saskatchewan man were arrested on the University of Regina campus on Monday and will be charged with mischief, police said.

LaBarbera, who is with a group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, and Bill Whatcott were distributing anti-gay literature on the campus.

Before their arrival, the university issued a news release saying the pair would be monitored to ensure they did not engage in any activity that would promote hatred.

At one point, with news cameras rolling, an unidentified university official approached Whatcott, 46, and LaBarbera, 51, and asked them to leave. During that encounter, Whatcott said he had attempted to get permission to set up an information table and, since he was denied, proceeded to set up a table anyway.

“I’m not leaving,” Whatcott told the official, “You guys are intolerant and should be ashamed of yourselves for shutting down our message without even considering it.”

Of course, Canada’s speech laws are a bit different from ours when it comes to inciting hatred. But, as Joe points out, activists provoke arrests all the time, in order to try to make whatever point they’re trying to make. Wingnuts are outraged, of course, but Porno Pete and his buddy knew exactly what they were doing, and they got the desired results.

Moreover, Porno Pete has argued in the past that we should stay out of other countries’ affairs, specifically regarding Uganda’s anti-gay laws. Indeed, he wondered publicly just exactly, “what qualifies the United States to lecture Uganda on homosexuality?”

Here’s the question I keep asking myself about the Uganda controversy: just what is it that qualifies the United States of America to lecture the Ugandans about homosexuality? Is it our public policy that enshrines immoral sexual behavior (oops: “sexual orientation”) and gender confusion (er…”gender identity and expression”) as a “civil right”? Is it our homosexual “marriage” laws that make a mockery of this divine institution (laws about which Prof. Throckmorton is curiously silent)? How about our pro-homosexuality educational propaganda in K-12 schools that corrupts young students’ minds in the name of “tolerance”? Or the 24/7 “gay bathhouses” and sex clubs that proliferate in urban centers across the United States to facilitate quick-and-easy (and anonymous) deviant sexual hook-ups? (“Come to America: where you can have all the safe sodomy you want! Discounts for students (no joke) and free condoms available for your perverted pleasure!”)

So we’ll just turn the question right back on him. Just what is it that qualifies anti-gay bigots like Peter LaBarbera and his limited cadre of supporters to lecture Canada on their public policy toward hate speech? Seems to me like we ought to stay out of it, and Porno Pete should be thankful he simply flouted the laws in Canada, where he’s being charged with mischief, and will suffer no lasting consequences for his actions. If he had, say, provoked arrest in protest of the Ugandan anti-gay laws he supported, he could be facing a long prison sentence. Porno Pete’s beliefs on these subjects aren’t informed by any kind of intellectual consistency or deep thought, of course — he just believes that the world should kowtow to religious fundamentalists like him. But again, I think we ought to just stay out of it.

Enjoy Canada, Pete.