Most of the best parts of the internet are making fun of this video today. It’s Molotov Mitchell and some other undersexed chunk friend of his, “rapping” about how Obama is going to be a one term president. And um, they call themselves “WOLVERINES!” Really. It’s impossible to truly make fun of these people, because they are the joke.

First the video, then Wonkette commenters, because why not?

(h/t Wonkette and Balloon Juice and Jesse at Pandagon, in a post titled “What Would Happen If The Black Eyed Peas Were Conservative Bloggers And None Of Them Were Black?” Heh.)

Wonkette commenters’ reactions:

“Like France’ Dieudonn?©, but with more urban-suburban hip-hoppy fascism.”

“Speaking as a marketing professional, if you are trying to co-opt youth culture, it helps to actually find some youths to help you out with it. The average age of these people is what, 35?”

“This video has it all. Autotune, a big hipped girl with crooked bangs, and an epileptic seizure warning.”

“Wait, WND people complaining about the Iraq war not being over? That is some RICH bullsh*t.”

“Even Sarah Palin would call this retarded.”

“Isn’t ‘OTP’ the fanfiction term for ‘I hope these two characters have buttsex’?