Jeremy found a new children’s book for wingnuts, called How To Pray For The Destruction Of Heather and Her Mommies’ Family God Made Dad & Mom, by Amber Dee Parker, and I’m fairly certain that, if you give this book to your child, you’re a bad parent. Here are a couple screen grabs:



Hi, that’s sick. Let’s translate:

Michael prays, “Dear Jesus, please show Jimmy and his dads the truth about how you made them and how much you love them, the intended consequence of which is to break up the loving relationship between Jimmy’s dads and thus the family that provides love, support and shelter for Jimmy, all in the service of our ass backwards Religious Right concept of morality. The fact that we can’t see the ethical and moral problems with what we’re asking is just an indication of how far gone we are, AMEN.

Jeremy points out that the indoctrination leaflet book is endorsed by the president of the American Family Association hate group, Tim Wildmon, which is basically all you need to know.