Ryan PicnicPoor Ryan Sorba.

It is clear that he is about to humiliate himself with his upcoming book, “The Gay Gene Hoax”. Although I have not read much of his polemic, what I have so far seen is as insufferable as it is inaccurate.

Sorba is a dilettante who has no understanding of the topic matter and essentially footnotes bad information hoping his audience is too uneducated to notice.

His book is also a poorly orchestrated hit job on activists, such as myself, who have shown the notion of “ex-gay” to be a myth.

For example, on page 77 of his sophistic screed Sorba writes, “In all likelihood, the man (Wayne Besen)is a calculating and manipulative liar.” (Needless to say, the unbalanced minds at Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) chortled over this attack.)

Interestingly, a few pages later (89) the presumably honest and forthright Sorba quotes the debunked 1979 Masters & Johnson book, “Homosexuality in Perspective” to support his flimsy arguments.

It seems that Sorba is shockingly unaware that the book he quotes was disavowed last year Maier-Mastersby Virginia Johnson in Thomas Maier’s groundbreaking book Masters of Sex.

Indeed, the results were said to have been entirely fabricated.

Virginia Johnson actually argued in 1978 that “Homosexuality in Perspective” should never have seen the light of day — but it was already too late in the publishing process to undo the damage.

For someone who fancies himself an expert, it is incredible that Sorba was not informed on this major development, considering articles were published on Maier’s book in major newspapers, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Maybe Sorba was so busy watching FOX News and reading The Washington Times that he missed the widely publicized information. To help bring him up to speed, here is an excerpt from the Washington Post:

He (William Masters) was also the driving force behind the team’s controversial embrace of conversion therapy for gays. In “Homosexuality in Perspective” (1979), he and Johnson claimed they could straighten out gay men or women in a matter of weeks, with a “failure rate” of only one-third. Buttressed with phony case studies, the book’s findings were quickly denounced by the medical establishment and seized upon just as quickly by the religious right as evidence that gay lifestyles were a choice, not an orientation.

So Masters and Johnson bear some of the blame for the “ex-gay” ministries that currently litter our cultural landscape…

The very foundation that Sorba uses to back his case is a house of cards that had already fallen. Clearly, Sorba is profoundly ignorant of his subject matter, irredeemably truth challenged or so contemptuous of his conservative readers that he believes they will take his erroneous words at face value.

I found this glaring error in about five minutes of research. I can only imagine the treasure trove of embarrassing gaffes to be found with a full-length reading. Even a cursory five-minute glance at Sorba’s sloppy research shows that he is not ready for Prime Time.

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