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Hate Group Lady Wishes Non-Gay Dads Happy Fathers’ Day!

Linda Harvey must be such a joy to be around. Such a chipper peach, I imagine. Miss Congeniality over there, if you can’t tell from

June 14, 2012 Blog

Scream, One Million Moms, Scream! JC Penney Has Done It Again!

Dear One Million Moms, this is your cue to SCREAM! First it was that homosexual lesbian pervert Ellen DeGeneres, AKA the most beloved celebrity in

May 30, 2012 Blog

One Million Moms (47 Moms) Upset With JC Penney Again

Several months ago, the “One Million Moms,” a subsidiary of the American Family Association hate group, was very upset that JC Penney destroyed religious freedom

May 07, 2012 Blog

One Million Moms Hate Group Gives Up On JC Penney Boycott, Goes Off To Yell At Other Stores

Awww, better luck next time! If you’ll remember, the “One Million Moms,” a subsidiary of the American Family Association hate group, was all up in

March 08, 2012 Blog

Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Her “One Million Moms” Haters

AND this is why nobody will ultimately care what the “One Million Moms” hate group has to say about Ellen DeGeneres’s partnership with JC Penney.

February 09, 2012 Blog

1,000,001 Moms for JC Penney and Equality

Go like this page on Facebook. It’s brand new. I was the 10th person to like it, and your Truth Wins Out graphic designer Monty

February 08, 2012 Blog

It’s Nice To See Bill O’Reilly Making Sense

The other day, I wrote about the One Million Moms’ complain-a-thon against JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. If you’re not

February 08, 2012 Blog

One Million Moms’ Anti-Ellen Tantrum Against JCPenney Not Going Well

If you’re not familiar, One Million Moms is a project of the American Family Association hate group, and the past week, they’ve been angry with

February 06, 2012 Blog
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