If you’re not familiar, One Million Moms is a project of the American Family Association hate group, and the past week, they’ve been angry with JC Penney for choosing the “perverted” Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson. When I heard about their complaints, my first reaction was, “as if this is even possible, wingnuts are becoming even less self-aware.” Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most beloved celebrities in this nation, even among many, many conservatives. This is one of the reasons the wingnuts have ultimately lost this “culture war.” Ellen is so funny, and so family-friendly, that I’d imagine it’s hard for any but the most hardcore anti-gay bigots to really hate her.

Here’s Monica Cole of One Million Moms complain, complain, complaining that “JC Penneys” is ignoring them, along with the ever-unhinged Bryan Fischer.

Bryan Fischer points out that there are tons of heterosexual celebrities JC Penney could have chosen. Indeed! Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen are probably available! And you know the sad thing? If JC Penney had chosen one of those models of heterosexual behavior, the hate group in question wouldn’t have even noticed.

I haven’t been to a Penney’s in a long time, but maybe I’ll go take a looksee next time I’m near one. I’d imagine that JC Penney knows that the dollars of people who support fairness and equality are worth a lot more than those of the “One Million” [eleven?] moms of One Million Moms.

[h/t Joe]