Linda Harvey must be such a joy to be around. Such a chipper peach, I imagine. Miss Congeniality over there, if you can’t tell from the picture.

She can’t even acknowledge a holiday without grousing and kvetching about the evil gays. Here’s her completely Hallmark-worthy Fathers’ Day message:

I read with astonishment that JC Penney is advertising Father’s Day with an ad featuring two real life homosexual males who are in a home with kids.

No, Linda, they’re not “in a home with kids.” They’re the parents. Their kids are their kids. You have absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

The ad says that a father is ‘a swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver—all rolled into one. Or two,’ but actually no, only one person is ever your dad, the other parent is your mom.

Those kids just call the other one Dad because he cooks for them, provides for them, nurtures them, clothes them, loves them, and so on and so forth. Linda Harvey, I suppose, would have the kids pick just one? How cruel. But then again, she’s the most viciously homophobic woman in America, so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

We need to keep repeating this unchanging truth. The pro-family group OneMillionMoms has called for a boycott of JC Penney and I totally support their position. A few months ago OneMillionMoms brought attention to JC Penney because they chose homosexual celebrity Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, DeGeneres is a talented entertainer, but not the right person for a department store to feature. Not, that is, if they want to keep a strong customer base among American families.

Ellen DeGeneres, of course, is the most beloved celebrity in the United States of America, indeed, in many ways, America’s sweetheart. Guess who really likes her a lot? Families.

This latest ad was featured in the company’s June catalogue. OneMillionMoms is suggesting families return their catalogues marked ‘refused, return to sender.’

JC Penney also featured a pair of lesbians for a Mother’s Day promotion. Someone at this company evidently has a big fixation on the homosexual agenda.

Bigger than Linda Harvey’s fixation?

And they are not the only retailer going foolishly into sexual deviance. The Gap has a billboard ad currently posted in Los Angeles with the theme, ‘Be One,’ the photo shows two homosexual males closely embracing as if they are one.

Friends, fathers and males in general are under attack in this culture.

Evidence of this?

There is not a war on women as claimed, but there does seem to be a war on men. Traditional males and fatherhood are under assault everywhere they turn.

Raise your hand if you’re a straight father who feels “assaulted” by the fact that two guys who fall in love can raise a family together, so that we may mock you for being so wussy.

As we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day, let’s be sure to give extra attention and show our appreciation to those men, our fathers, husbands and sons, who are still, in spite of heavy pressure to be otherwise, faithful, loving and strong examples of the way God designed men to begin with.

Or we could choose not to be weird and unhinged and just use Fathers’ Day to give thanks and love to all the different fathers in our lives, whether they’re our own dads or granddads, or friends and family who are raising children of their own. That would be the “normal human” approach, and I would recommend it, as the “Linda Harvey” approach is likely to alienate most sentient beings.