ChoiIt is time for Congress to act swiftly and boldly to end the insane Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy by attaching repeal to the defense budget bill this week.

Doing so will be good for the military and America.

There are some who call for the completion of a Pentagon study, due in December, before abolishing the discriminatory law. However, we don’t need a study to know that the current policy hurts military readiness, wastes taxpayer’s money and ruins the lives of patriotic service members.

The sooner we stop fighting this ridiculous, counterproductive culture war, the sooner we will have the soldiers we need to fight real wars. More than 13,000 gay members of the military have already been forced to take off their combat boots to be booted out of the armed forces. This includes at least 58 Arabic linguists.

MilitaryA GAO report released in 2005 estimated that DADT has cost U.S. taxpayers $200 million and the loss of “valuable personnel over the last decade.”

Can any serious person who cares about the success of our military say that we could not use these 13,000 trained soldiers today as we enter battle in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar?

The hard truth is that the Religious Right is eager and willing to sell out our military to peddle their socially conservative dogma.

A New York Times editorial on Sunday pointed out that gay soldiers are performing nobly and honorably in other western nations. Contrary to what fear-mongering supporters of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell are selling the American public, allowing gay people to serve has not led to a breakdown in unit morale or discipline. According to the Times:

Military generals from Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Israel were in Washington last week offering assurances that ending the gay ban became a nonissue once their services were justly integrated.

“There were concerns in the late ’90s of gay men walking across the gangplank in feather boas and high heels,” retired Lt. Cmdr. Craig Jones of the British Navy related. “That just did not happen.”

Quite frankly, the religious right and their lackeys in Congress are insulting our men and women in uniform. What they are essentially saying is that American soldiers are uniquely socially stunted and lack the discipline to handle the integration of openly gay soldiers.

FenceFor people who like to fancy themselves as “patriots”, how do they justify their low opinion of our courageous men and women in the military?

We have the greatest military in the world. Unlike The Center for Military Readiness and their President Elaine Donnelly, I have faith that America’s Armed Forces will carry out gay integration as well — if not better — than any other nation on earth.

The Democrats control Congress and President Barack Obama has promised repeal. If not now, then when?

If you want to help with repeal, please contact SLDN. We can’t let this crucial moment slip away.