Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has no respect for our troops. HPerkinse thinks they are a wimpy bunch of scrubs who are so weak-minded that they are killing themselves over the end of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.

“The stress in our military, when you look how they have used the military for their social experimentation: driving Christianity out, putting homosexuality in, suicide rate going through the ceiling,” Perkins declared in a radio spot, as Right Wing Watch first reported. “I think it was last year, if I recall, the numbers there were 349 suicides in 2012 and I believe that’s more than were killed in combat, that’s the highest number since the Pentagon began tracking suicides back in 2001.”

Yeah, Tony, the suicides have nothing to do with the two unfunded wars you cheerleaded to help start, that forced our soldiers into repeated tours of duty in far-off, dangerous lands. It’s all about the gays.

I’m just wondering when this gay-obsessed creep will blame Mad Cow disease on the gays. Why not, he’s blamed everything else? Next time he complains about running a certified Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate group, remember this story.