Stephen Bennett has been quiet lately. He is, of course, still quietly making money off of his “ex-gay” business. I don’t know if he’s making Daddy Pants anymore, though. What, you don’t remember Daddy Pants? Yes, for a time, Stephen Bennett was set free from the homosexual lifestyle so that he could make Daddy Pants at home. They looked like this:



Don’t you wish you could still buy Daddy Pants from a guy who’s made his career off the fact that he claims not to be into dudes anymore?

Anyhow, he went on the radio with Janet Markell recently to explain that when he was gay, he was “playing house,” because when two gay men live together, one “takes the role of the masculine and the other takes the role of the feminine.” (WHAT?! It’s like some 1950’s conservative Christian tract on homosexuality.) But now that he’s married to a lady, even though he’s not very masculine (his own words), he is no longer living a “nightmare,” and is now living a “fairy tale dream come true.”

No word on whether we wears Daddy Pants when he’s having fairy tale time. Right Wing Watch (link above) has a clip from later in the show where Janet Markell claimed that the onset of marriage equality predicts the emergence of the anti-Christ, and who probably won’t be wearing any Daddy Pants when he emerges from Hell, which is how you’ll know it’s him.