Dr. Warren Throckmorton writes that Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill may be coming up for a vote between February and May:

Parliament was currently preoccupied with the upcoming Christmas break and then the elections. About the AHB, he [Ugandan Official] said, “So I suppose I can say it will come up after elections which is the 18th of February.”

The government of Uganda be forewarned. Passing this bill will be detrimental to your nation and turn it into a failed pariah state. The wheels will be set in motion to have right wing American puppet and “Kill the Gays” bill sponsor David Bahati prosecuted for crimes against humanity and he will likely spend his final days locked in a cage, wearing prison stripes and enjoying bread and water. The Family will have had ts last peaceful National Prayer Breakfast. The event will become toxic and likely cease to exist.

Is persecuting LGBT people really that important to The Family and leaders in Uganda?

We will not allow these fanatical thugs  to wantonly kidnap, beat, falsely imprison and murder LGBT people without a fight like they have never seen. I hope Doug Coe and his Ugandan puppets fully understand the implications of what they are doing. This will not end well for them.

Note: Box Turtle Bulletin has an excellent time line documenting the horror in Uganda.

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