Here are the tabs that are still open in my browser, which you may find interesting:

1.  Marriage equality supporters in New York say they’re in a stronger position than they were last year, and indeed plan to bring a new vote in New York’s Senate.  Meanwhile, in Colorado, openly gay Senator Pat Steadman is introducing a civil unions bill.

2.  Jennifer Roback Morse, of the wang of the National Organization for Marriage known as the Ruth Institute, is whining and crying about gays stealing rainbows from the Christians.  Also, she wore a rainbow scarf to the Prop 8 hearings, but nobody got the joke, because wingnuts aren’t funny people, because a sense of humor requires a grasp on reality.  Meanwhile, some lady with OneNewsNow says that the anti-gay bigots are the REAL rainbow coalition, because a wide variety of straight, Christian bigots are against marriage equality.