Short week!  The big news, of course, once again, is that we at Truth Wins Out are, again, heartily applauding the Southern Poverty Law Center for their wise decision to include the Family Research Council and the American Family Association among their newly updated list of American anti-gay hate groups.  Those organizations, as well as all the others on the list, have earned every bit of it.  If you’re interested in other things that happened this week that you might have missed, you know, scroll down and read stuff.

Cutting out of here for the holiday, so here is your Late Friday Random Ten, on Wednesday. This week we’re starting with one of my all time favorite songs, Patty Griffin’s “Nobody’s Crying.” It just seems right for some reason. Dunno. If you don’t know it, it’s truly a special song. And then after that, Tony Award-winning actress/singer Sutton Foster [Thoroughly Modern Millie, and quite a few other things] recorded her own version, and I love it too, for completely different reasons. Sutton’s is one of those voices which could be accurately described as “perfect,” and it’s a voice I’ve been familiar with for many, many years. So Patty, Sutton, then we hit shuffle on the iTunes machine and see where we are ten songs later, then we leave, then we eat turkey, The End. See you all next week unless I happen to pop in for some reason or another!  More videos after le jump…

Sutton Foster – “Nobody’s Cryin'”

1. Depeche Mode – “But Not Tonight”
2. Sean Bones ft. Norah Jones – “Turn Them”
3. Blitzen Trapper – “Heaven and Earth”
4. Low – “Violent Past”
5. Annuals – “Always Do”
6. Tori Amos – “Little Earthquakes”
7. Billy Corgan & Mike Garson – “Reflect (Gray)/Of Sine Waves”
8. Jill Sobule – “Living Color”
9. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim feat. Sharon Jones – “Dancing Together”
10. Ben Folds – “Belinda” [lyrics by author Nick Hornby]

N.B. Look for Sutton Foster in February when the revival of Anything Goes opens on Broadway.  She will, of course, be playing Reno Sweeney.

Low – “Violent Past”

Annuals – “Always Do”