While we were all busy celebrating Hallowe’en this weekend, I somehow managed to hear about this:

One of the mail bombs sent by terrorists in Yemen was addressed to a small, gay-friendly synagogue in Chicago.

Or Chadash leases spaces in Emmanuel Congregation’s lakefront synagogue on the North Side.

“We have a highly visible lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community and at first we thought that might have attracted attention,” Lilli Kornblum, the Co-President of Or Chadash told FOX Chicago News. “But as we learned that more packages were sent, we now don’t take it personally, Well, we are taking it personally as human beings and as Jews but it seems we were randomly selected from any number of Jewish organizations in Chicago.”

Scary.  But we’re not wingnuts, so I assume we’ll all continue checking the mail every day, right?  Good.