This is cool to see:

A Taiwanese gay and lesbian group on Sunday hailed what it said was the biggest ever gay pride parade in Asia over the weekend, saying 30,000 people had taken to the streets for the event.

“The rally was a big success as the turnout was bigger than we had expected,” Rex Shau, a spokesman for Taiwan LGBT Pride, told AFP.

The tens of thousands who marched through Taipei on Saturday included supporters from China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, organisers said.

Waving rainbow flags and placards, the marchers paraded for about a kilometre, many wearing Brazilian carnival-style costumes while others wore only men’s briefs despite chilly winds and drizzle.

I find that last paragraph so funny. Perhaps it is my Case of the Mondays, or my exhaustion, but it’s written SO professionally! Some Taiwanese marchers eschewed the protection of raincoats, choosing to march only in underpants, despite a drizzle! Presumably some of them woke up the next day with runny noses, and their mothers said, “Well, I told you not go to out in the rain like that!”

Anyway, it’s great to see that LGBT people around the world are standing up in ever-increasing numbers.  We’re everywhere!