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Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen to Host New Show on WCPT, Chicago’s Progressive Talk

Political Current Events Show “I’ve Got Issues” Launches April 19, 4-6 PM (CST)

April 07, 2014 Press Release

UMC Creating Trans Friendly Spaces in the Greater Chicago area

  Much of the media buzz after the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) quadrennial General Conference (May 2012) focused on the UMC vote of 39% to

December 13, 2012 News

Bachmann Visit Causes Discord, Walkout at Chicago-Area Synagogue

A visit from a controversial anti-gay congresswoman on the holiest day in Judaism prompted outrage at a Chicago synagogue and a surge of donations to

October 03, 2012 Blog

Chick-fil-A to Stop Funding Anti-Gay Groups?

An Illinois-based LGBT rights organization has announced that Chick-fil-A has pledged to treat all people equally regardless of sexual orientation and stop funding anti-gay groups

September 19, 2012 Blog

Gary Bauer Makes Obvious Connection Between Same-Sex Marriage And Violent Crime In Chicago

Gary Bauer is like the old crazy grandpa of the anti-gay movement. These days, when he says something, my reaction is more along the lines

July 13, 2012 Blog

That’s My Mom! John’s Mom Speaks Out About Cardinal George’s Homophobic Remarks

By now, dear reader, you’re probably familiar with the controversy surrounding Chicago archbishop Francis George’s remarks comparing the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan

December 29, 2011 Blog

Catholic Bishops Should Not Get Too Full Of Themselves

Last night, Wayne issued a press release calling for Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George to step down after comparing the gay rights movement to the

December 23, 2011 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Upset About Pride Festival In Place Where He Doesn’t Live

Not content to be simply the mosquito in the underoos of the greater Chicago area, Porno Pete is upset that a different area in Illinois

May 23, 2011 Blog

Wayne Besen on Feast of Fun

Today, I was on the popular podcast Feast of Fun, produced out of Chicago by Fausto Fernós and his partner, Marc Felion. Feast of Fun

November 30, 2010 Blog

Mail-Bomb from Yemen Addressed to LGBT-Friendly Synagogue

While we were all busy celebrating Hallowe’en this weekend, I somehow managed to hear about this: One of the mail bombs sent by terrorists in

November 01, 2010 Blog
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