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Bachmann Visit Causes Discord, Walkout at Chicago-Area Synagogue

A visit from a controversial anti-gay congresswoman on the holiest day in Judaism prompted outrage at a Chicago synagogue and a surge of donations to

October 03, 2012 Blog

American Conservative Judaism Approves Same-Sex Weddings

Great news: last week, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards — which sets policy for the Conservative branch of American Judaism — voted 13-0

June 04, 2012 Blog

Religious Extremism Threatens LGBTs in the Middle East

This morning, the radio news broadcast from the BBC World Service had a disturbing story from Turkey. Unlike the United States, which has an all-volunteer

March 26, 2012 Blog

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Calls for Reparative Therapy

A Philadelphia rabbi is feeling threatened by the recent “propaganda blitz” with regard to the “homosexual lifestyle” and has begun a bid to enshrine religious

December 06, 2011 Blog

Orthodox Jewish Men Married by Orthodox Jewish Rabbi

Yoni Bock and Ron Kaplan, two Orthodox Jewish men, recently married each other in a ceremony officiated by Stephen Greenberg, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi: it’s

November 21, 2011 Blog

Ultra-Orthodox Banning Women From Certain Jerusalem Streets

Lest we forget, the theocratic element in Israel–a modern and nominally secular state–is active and powerful. An ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) group living in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim

October 11, 2011 Blog

Jewish Ex-Gay Experience

An Orthodox Jew, Jayson Littman, writes about his attempt to convert to straight via JONAH, the Jewish pray-away-the-gay wagon. His account of various rabbis’ advice

September 20, 2011 Blog

Reform Jews Gather to Say “It Gets Better”

Reform Judaism, by the way, is the most prominent group within the Jewish faith in the United States.  This sort of summarily smacks down the

September 14, 2011 Blog

Yokel Rabbi Blames Gays for DC Earthquake

Despite the fact that he comes from a different faith tradition, Rabbi Yehuda Levin is essentially an Alabama redneck fundamentalist.  This is why the Religious

August 25, 2011 Blog

Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the Morality of Gay Adoption

I don’t agree with every one of his constructions here, as he seems to be talking from the standpoint of “what’s a greater sin? Homosexuality

November 30, 2010 Blog
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