I wrote yesterday morning that Peter LaBarbera seemed to think better of a post he had written castigating the National Organization for Marriage, having pulled it soon after it was written. In that piece, he was upset with NOM affiliate Louis Marinelli for tweeting that he didn’t care about DADT repeal, and that their goal was solely to keep marriage from the gays.

Peter has issued an explanation, in the form of “Evan is so mean,” etc.:

Wayne Besen’s hateful sidekick over at the comically-named Truth Wins Out, Evan Hurst, speculates that AFTAH pulled a post from today because we did not want to offend National Organization for Marriage (NOM). Yes, and no. We pulled the post because a Tweet we thought was produced by NOM was actually put up by a NOM ally, Louis Marinelli. The tweet, shown at right, is unfortunate – coming as it does from a pro-family leader who should know better – but much less so than if it had been produced by the leading advocacy group for traditional marriage.

Yeah, I’m so hateful, Pete. I spent my week speaking out on behalf of kids who have been bullied, literally, to death, partially as a result of “pro-family” teachings which create a climate that fosters a sense of self-hatred in innocent children. Such a meanie, I am.

To be clear, though, and here, Peter, I’m trying to help: Jeremy Hooper conclusively showed in August that Louis Marinelli is not simply a NOM ally, but indeed a NOM strategist, closely linked with their organization. Louis Marinelli IS a representative of NOM. So your first post was not in error, at least on that level.

So yes, Pete:  that tweet might as well have the name NOM written directly on it.  Now, if the NOM bigwigs have a different opinion and you want to suss that out from them, go for it.

How do you feel about the spate of gay teen suicides reported this month, Peter?