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Louis Marinelli’s Message for Ruben Diaz’s Anti-Gay Rally in the Bronx

Here’s a great video from former NOM spokesperson Louis Marinelli, who recently came out as a supporter of marriage equality.  In it, he encourages people

May 13, 2011 Blog

Louis Marinelli Is A New Yorker for Marriage Equality

Even though he lives in Russia now.  Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown must be squirming

April 18, 2011 Blog

Brian Brown Threatening Legal Action Against Thing He Says Isn’t Important

Talking out of both sides of our rosy cheeks, aren’t we Brian?  Re: Louis Marinelli’s defection from NOM, his conversion into a supporter of fairness

April 14, 2011 Blog

Louis Marinelli Brings NOM Down to Size

The other day, we reported on Louis Marinelli, who used to run the social media and bus-touring departments of the National Organization for Marriage, and

April 11, 2011 Blog

NOM Turns One Of Their Own Into Marriage Equality Supporter

Jeremy Hooper has the goods on this amazing story.  Louis Marinelli, who became quite influential within the National Organization for Marriage over the past couple

April 08, 2011 Blog

Louis Marinelli: Marriage Equality Won’t Be Real Because Some People Will Still Be Bigots

I’m not sure whose point Louis Marinelli of NOM affiliate is trying to make here, or if he’s making our case more effectively than

October 25, 2010 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Clarifies Why He Pulled His Post on NOM

I wrote yesterday morning that Peter LaBarbera seemed to think better of a post he had written castigating the National Organization for Marriage, having pulled

October 01, 2010 Blog
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