Terry Krepel of Media Matters has a good article at the Huffington Post. It shows that while World Net Daily’s founder Joseph Farah was in a war of words with Ann Coulter over her speaking at a gay event, WND turned up the anti-gay hate on its commentary page:

  • An Aug. 16 column by Nancy Pearcey asserting that homosexuality is a “denigration of physical anatomy”.
  • An Aug. 17 column by Farah attacking Glenn Beck for not opposing gay marriage, which somehow demonstrates that he “shares a materialistic worldview with Marx, Engels and Saul Alinsky.”
  • An Aug. 17 column by Kupelian, who like Farah argued that if you don’t hate gays, you’re not a real conservative.
  • An Aug. 17 column by Les Kinsolving embracing the fallacious reasoning that homosexuality equals pedophilia equals bestiality equals necrophilia.
  • An Aug. 18 column by Ken Hutcherson — the officiant at Rush Limbaugh’s latest wedding — declaring that homosexuality “inarguably kills its participants,” adding, “Oh, by the way, God wants His rainbow back!”
  • An Aug. 19 column by Kupelian claiming that the agenda of GOProud “sounds an awful lot like a mainline homosexual-rights organization pretending to be ‘traditional conservative’ and fooling Republicans.
  • An Aug. 19 column by Farah once again criticizing conservatives for not being as anti-gay as he is. This is the same one in which he complains about being labeled a conservative.
  • An Aug. 20 column by Alan Keyes declaring that “Beck’s display of contempt for the ‘gay marriage’ issue is clear evidence that he has no respect for the political authority of God.”
  • An Aug. 21 column by the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who wrote that Coulter and Beck “have forfeited the right to consider themselves any longer culture warriors” because they don’t hate gays as much as he does.
  • An Aug. 21 column by Sharon Kass lamenting “the refusal of even fellow conservatives to make effective use of ex-gay information.” Kass engages in a substantial bit of armchair psychology of homosexuality and its cure: “Concerning the nature, causes, prevention and healing of homosexuality and transgenderism, the basic facts are these: These conditions indicate deep-seated gender self-alienation. This is generally caused by faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent figure, starting at age 2 or before. Homosexual feelings are the mind’s automatic attempt to heal the same-sex emotional breach. Transgender feelings result from automatic identification with an opposite-sex figure filling the emotional vacuum left by the same-sex figure. Healing is achieved psychodynamically, by getting in touch with buried feelings of shame, anxiety, depression and rage; releasing those feelings deeply; forming healthy, platonic same-sex bonds; and learning to appreciate one’s natural gender without caricaturing it.”

Many of you know Kass as that sick, terribly wounded, obsessed fundamentalist who has probably written you a nasty letter if you have ever written anything remotely pro-gay.