From time to time, it’s good to check in with what our anti-gay adversaries have to say on other subjects, as it undermines their credibility even further. Since Nelson Mandela’s death, they’ve really been showing out. World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, who claimed that the earthquake that shook Washington DC (a little bit) several years back was God’s judgment on America, and who is very concerned about how gay marriages are consummated, denounced Mandela as a racist terrorist.

riosLikewise, Sandy Rios, who confidently predicted that thousands of “ex-gays” would descend upon Washington DC for “ex-gay pride” (the actual number was in the teens), and who has revenge fantasies about God judging the gays and the gay-loving Barack Obama, is now letting her racist flag fly over Nelson Mandela, who, she says, deserved to be in prison. She also wonders whether ending apartheid was a “righteous cause” in the first place:

“Nelson Mandela was placed in prison because of the violence that he did in the country of South Africa. Now you can argue, I guess, you can say it was worth it because we overthrew apartheid, I don’t know, is that really the way a victory should be won? Is this really a righteous cause? Is he really a saint for doing this? They talk about him being in solitary confinement, well, criminals are placed in solitary confinement, if you murder other people you lose your rights.

““I don’t think the picture of South Africa as it stands now is what the narrative is, certainly to be a white person in South Africa is not a very fun thing right now,” Rios said. “I think that they have now obtained suppressing the white population with the black population holding the superior vantage point.”

Nice, Sandy. Glad to know that your beliefs on all issues are morally reprehensible.

For more horrific reactions to Mandela’s death, check out Roy Edroso’s latest right-blogger round-up.