This is very sad.

It’s like a little girl inviting Justin Bieber to the tea party she’s throwing with her dollies, and then being genuinely stung when the Biebs doesn’t show, except in this case the dollies are either bigots or spies for the other side.

Sorry, Pete.  Glenn is too busy weeping his way to the bank, and he’s determined (correctly) that, even among his easily led fans, being an anti-gay bigot no longer sells the way it used to.  Too many of them know one of us, at this point, and that will only tilt further toward the side of fairness and equality.  And as we all know, the easiest way to figure out that the Religious Right has been lying through its teeth about gay people is to meet one of us, as our simple existence in people’s families, neighborhoods, schools, etc., is the complete negation of the fundamentalist worldview.