Ugandan First Lady Janet Museveni — longtime ally of The Family and genocidal pastor Martin Ssempa — cautioned 8,000 youths at a convention last week against promoting tolerance of homosexuality.


“In God’s word, homosexuality attracts a curse, but now people are engaging in it and saying they are created that way. It is for money The devil is stoking fires to destroy our nation and those taking advantage are doing so because our people are poor,” she said. Mrs. Museveni advised the youth not only to listen to messages on how they can make money but also focus on spiritual growth. “You know that you will lose everything else when you lose your soul.”

Uganda’s tribal and sexual hatreds, the corruption of its despotic leadership, and its suppression of creativity and individuality lead many graduates to flee the country at the earliest opportunity.

Instead of correcting these social ills for which she and her husband are responsible, the First Lady accused expatriates of selfishness.

[Museveni] also decried what she called selfishness of especially the educated who leave the country as soon as they are educated by the same nation. “They bite the hand that fed them and they appease their consciences by blaming whichever government is there. These are a few of the ills that have beset our nation. We need to consciously make our minds to succeed,” she said.